About Us

Down Range Ammunition, LLC is a small, veteran-owned and operated ammunition shop based in North Central Florida. 

Currently, we produce a variety of quality, clean-firing new and remanufactured ammunition in popular calibers.  We will soon expand our product line to offer even more calibers.

We care about our customers and our quality.  That is why we have an extensive Quality Assurance process for all of our ammunition.  Two out of every 500 rounds get range and mechanical testing to ensure lot quality, performance, and consistency.

Given the fact we acquire materials from other vendors, issues do arise with the production of ammunition. It should be expected that less than 1% to 3% of all ammo, from any manufacturer, may have a failure. That being said if you have problems with our ammunition we will happily work with you to try and correct the problem.

Thank you for your business.